Giga Map: Working



Creating the final giga map took us about three weeks to make. The aim was to represent our entire process and findings, in order to explain the sexuality education scenario in a single connected infograph. We went through a rigorous process of sorting out all the data, numbers, insights, questions, and solutions that we had collected, and segregated the important ones which we wanted to highlight. Initially, we built an overall structure of the map so that we can organise the information flow and ensure an understandable layout. After iterating the basic structure a number of times, we moved on to further detailing out the broader headings, according to the visual hierarchy we wanted to maintain. All this happened through a lot of enthusiastic and heated group discussions until all of us were satisfied with the structure. This process was rather enjoyable and oozed team spirit.  We put down all the relevant selected data on a huge chart before moving to a digital version. To make the iterative process easier, we placed each chunk of information on different pieces of paper so that we could move them around till we figured the most suitable structure. It took us about twenty days to crack the entire structure and build a digital version of it.


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