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Research, Round II

9th October 2015 : Diwan Ballubhai Senior Secondary School

Our second destination was a high school close to our college. This was our first experience of speaking to young adults; we were very shy to ask them any questions initially, due to our own stigmas. However, once we became comfortable with our approach, we realised that the students were interested in talking about the topic and were themselves coming up to us and participating.

We were lucky to catch the students outside school at such a time since their exams had just gotten over. We spoke to a bunch of students from class X and XII, coming from simple, lower middle class Gujarati families. While speaking to the boys, we found out that they speak about sex extensively, but only among themselves. They don’t speak to girls about it. On being asked if they watch porn, most of them said yes and one of them mentioned that since they will need to be participants in the act of intercourse later in life, they might as well watch porn and learn from it. This response showed us how young adults feel about unfiltered information that they receive on the internet. They also told us that they sometimes ask sex-related questions to their female classmates, and were extremely shy and mischievous about it.

On speaking to the girls, we found out that they knew about menstruation but were very shy to talk about anything related to sex and sexuality. We identified a huge difference in the respective outlooks of the boys and the girls. Most of them owned smartphones and were active on Facebook and watched Hindi TV serials.


  1. Girls and boys despite receiving the same education in school had separate views on sexuality.
  2. Boys were more at ease while the girls shied away from it, since any inquisitiveness on a woman’s part is met with scorn and contempt.

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