about sex, Make it normal, sex, Sex education

Research, Round I

8th October 2015 : Better We Institute of Psychiatry


Our first visit was to a psychiatrist to understand the cases and the clinical way of dealing with sex education. The age group of patients ranged from 5 to 25 and were usually accompanied by their parents. The amplitude of issues varied an IT professional who refused to get married when she found out about the exact physical act of sex at the age of 28.

The psychiatrist pointed out an alarming issue of how parents allow their children to sleep with them. They would indulge in the act of sexual intercourse assuming the child is asleep. Yet a number of children do witness this and develop distorted ideas about the act and the people involved.

The first rule of treatment is to listen and understand what and how much they know. Then group discussions and one to one therapy are employed to explain the morals and responsibility that comes with sexuality.The framework also involves enabling better communication between the parents and their children.


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