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Sex Needs a New Metaphor

pizza final

When we talk about sex, we’re actually talking about baseball. Confused?
Think about terms/phrases like ‘score’ or ‘getting to first base’..
It all makes sense now, doesn’t it.

Baseball has been for long used as a metaphor for sexual activity. In the following TED Talk, educator Al Vernacchio explains why this metaphor is harmful for sex education, why a better metaphor is needed; a better metaphor like pizza.

After all this is a video about sex, baseball and pizza; it’s definitely worth your while.

Inferences :

  1. Ideas about sex and the way it is spoken of are deep rooted, influenced by media and pop culture.
  2. We as a society use these terms unconsciously. We are conditioned to think of sex a sport where dominance, power play and victory play a role.
  3. Any change in a positive direction will be a gradual process through conscious efforts.

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