about sex, Make it normal, sex, Sex education

Anything and Everything

Our initial thoughts and impressions when we set out to work on
sex education looked something like this:

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about sex, Make it normal, sex, Sex education

The Secret

Sex is a mystery to every child. Our culture however, does not allow allow a healthy way of breaking it down. It remains a taboo, and open discussions around it are a rarity even in educated homes.

And for us it was no different. Our primary sources of information were our equally confused friends, and of course, the internet. An unwillingness to ask our doubts to the adults around us and their unwillingness to bring this topic up in any kind of conversation led us only to a few half naked theories, incomplete or wrong information and several instances of shyness and embarrassment.

Till something is done about this, every child will be shooting in the dark about something as important as sex.

about sex, Make it normal, Sex education

Where Did I Come From?

We all remember the day we asked this question to our parents.
For each of us, did an honest answer follow the awkward moment?
I guess not.

Probably this was the point in our lives where we could have received our first little lesson in sex education.
Most of us remember it as a missed opportunity.